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There’s a lot to unpack here! ;w;

Wood sprites do bury their fallen, usually right at the bases of trees near their village. A grave is not specifically marked, but the general area is. Most communities will try to grow some specific kind/color of flower in the area to make note of what it’s used for. Some communities also have a hall prayed into the nearby tree(s) where they can ink the names of the ones buried there.

Wellwood has a maple tree and a cluster of yarrow plants for its graveyard. It’s a peaceful area and sometimes those who have lost someone will pay respects by tending the yarrow. It’s not quite the same as “visiting” a specific sprite.

Bowman tends the area sometimes. Usually in winter, when the yarrow is dormant and in need of pruning or an extra prayer, he will take it upon himself.

As for what happened to his mother, I’ll try to explain without going on and on!

Eyara Songbird was gifted with the Voice of the Spirit, and she trained alongside Cerul to fulfill their responsibilities that came with the gift. She was actually so ecstatic to find out she was with child that her joy radiated out from her and brightened the moods around her a small amount. She was so ready to have a little sprout of her own.

Her health declined as the due date approached (and the fact that it would be a winter birth didn’t help her). When Bowman was born, Eyara used a lot of her energy to Pray over the baby and make sure he would be okay. No one thought to caution her against it, as they didn’t know exactly how much she needed that energy for herself. She didn’t last very long after the birth, and her midwives had to bring the baby to his father without his mother.

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