Letters from Camp

Hello again. Here’s another update on my progress!  I flagged a bit in the last few days, but considering I got way ahead of my word count early on, I’m still on track to finish well within the deadline. Things are heating up in the story, now that I have something of a plot to latch onto. Of course, I had to get Ness into a little trouble first.

Word Count: 13329 / 20000


His lantern fell from his hand, but it didn’t matter as the thing that grabbed him emitted its own glow. Ness squeezed his eyes shut against the sudden brightness and put his hands on whatever was coiled around his waist. As he scrabbled at it, his mind frantically put together an idea. He didn’t want to believe it.

It felt like a hand.

A hand with fingers as long as one of his arms, but a hand nonetheless.

Ness opened his eyes to look up at his captor and found a metal behemoth, easily 20 feet tall, stooped down so it could reach him. The shining gold metal matched that of the lock he’d just broken into. It was shaped like a human, though the curves and angles of the body were covered with elegant carvings and sharp blades. The joints seemed to be connected by tendons made of the night sky, appearing all the darker in contrast to the glowing metal casing.

A giant metal golem made of sunforged steel.

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