Letters from Camp

Sooo, I always forget to do a letter this time around. I really like doing them, but they seem to keep slipping my mind. I’m well on track, despite 3 days without doing any writing, though, so no worries on that front. For today’s excerpt, have some of Aaron teaching Ness how to do PARKOUR.

Word Count: 17516 / 20000


Aaron saluted Ness with his first two fingers before turning towards the alleyway. He took a deep breath in, and then bolted towards the crates.

Ness eyed his footwork as he launched himself up in the first leap. Just like he said he would, Aaron kept his forward momentum as he moved. As soon as he cleared the first crate and his feet touched down on top of it, he was jumping again, this time onto a higher crate.

The third leap was sideways, and the master thief had to twist his body and throw his arms upwards to catch the edge of the roof at the top of his arc. His grip held fast and he planted his boots soundlessly against the wall.

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