Jacob Facts

( Uncommon Questions for OCs and their Creators )

5, B, and D have been answered in previous asks: 5   B&D

11  How do they cope with confusion (seek clarification, pretend they understand, etc)?

With Jacob, he has one or two routes that he usually takes. If he feels like he can convince someone to give him a straight answer, he will ask for clarification. Sometimes, though, he will just wait patiently to figure things out from context if he can. It doesn’t always give him the full answer, but Jacob is chill enough to realize that he doesn’t always need the full answer.

14  What animal do they fear most?

Jacob is generally alright with animals. However, he’s seen enough cautionary tales about mountain lions to know he should always be prepared if he encounters one. At least, as someone who camps a lot, he makes sure he’s not out there without a clue how to handle himself against trouble.

27  What causes them to feel dread?

Not knowing what he should do in a situation. Jacob tries to remain calm through even the worst things, but part of that comes from knowing at least a little bit of how to respond to it. If he’s faced with something he’s never dealt with before, or never learned how to deal with it, it creates this sinking feeling.

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