A Little Change (7/?)

It’s been a while since Bowman decided to dive from the clouds with his tiny human in tow. I know it’s been a while, but with Camp NaNoWriMo, I was putting all my energy into making sure I made my goal. I should be able to get back to projects like this one more often now!

I really like this part. It’s so cute.


Jacob’s eyes were wide as a sense of weightlessness settled over him. Tucked next to Bowman’s heart, he could hear and feel the sprite’s excited pulse. The image of how high up they were stuck in his mind, even in the dim lighting Bowman allowed him.

Then they were falling and Jacob’s whole body froze.

Wind whipped past just outside the small haven Bowman made with his hands. Some gusts filtered past the huge fingers and whipped at him before they were gone again, and the water soaking his jacket became the least of Jacob’s worries. All he could think about was Bowman losing his grasp.

He could swear he heard Bowman’s wings wavering in the breeze. They weren’t flapping. They simply let the air slide past as the oversized sprite plummeted.

“B-Bowman! Stop!” he cried out, craning his neck back. He couldn’t see Bowman’s face. He was locked away in the sprite’s hands, unable to see their fall. Jacob knew Bowman had many skills in the air, but all that knowledge seeped away as the seconds stretched out. They were falling towards the earth, way too fast.

“Bowman, dammit,” he tried again. This time, he let go of the fingers around him and pounded his fists against the chest near him. Over and over, he punched at Bowman to get his attention, his eyes shut tight.

There was a loud crack. Things shifted. Gravity built and pressed Jacob against Bowman’s chest for a second while they came to a stop, from Bowman letting his wings fill with air.

Bowman righted himself and Jacob found himself lifting away from his chest. When he opened his eyes, he was in front of Bowman’s face again, with his other hand guarding him like a candle. Bowman’s brow was pinched with worry.

“Jacob, I didn’t … squeeze you or something, right?” Bowman asked.

Jacob glanced around. They were still well above the trees, but the forest was closer now. He shook his head distractedly. His heart was still moving back to its place from where it had crawled into his throat. “Nope,” he forced out. “Not squished.”

Bowman looked up with a frown, and then back at Jacob. “Too much?”

Jacob nodded emphatically and shrugged. “Just … just a bit too much, yeah,” he admitted. “Falling. Couldn’t see.”

They hovered at that height for some time while Bowman pondered the answer. Jacob slumped in his hand, glad he’d managed to get the sprite’s attention before he had a heart attack. At this rate, Bowman’s excitable nature would sap all of Jacob’s energy unless they got back to normal soon.

“I have an idea,” Bowman announced. Confident as ever, he waited for Jacob to focus on him. “I can hold onto you without blocking the view and I’ll glide down slower. That way you see where we’re going. No more dives.”

“That sounds a lot better,” Jacob answered with a grimace. “Diving looks more fun when you’re smaller than me. Holy shit.”

Bowman’s mouth twitched in a smirk, but he was actually more subdued than usual. “It’s one of the best feelings, but I have wings,” he admitted. One fingertip settled on top of Jacob’s head. “Gonna be alright?”

Jacob rolled his eyes. When he pushed at the fingertip, it lifted away before the hand curled partway around him as a guard. “I’m fine, Bowman. Just not a fan of falling blind, that’s all. We can forget about it, right?”

“Oh, I suppose,” Bowman snarked. Then he grinned reassuringly. “At least we got to see the clouds up close. Let’s get you back to the ground before you panic again.”

Jacob sighed and shook his head. “I’m not gonna panic again,” he insisted.

Even so, when Bowman angled his body to fly, Jacob clung to his fingers. Soon they were almost parallel with the ground, Bowman’s green wings spread wide. He banked in a circle through the air.

This time, the wind whipped at Jacob’s hair and hood, but the sensation of falling was almost nonexistent. He held up one hand to shield his eyes from the wind and watched the forest below. Bowman’s shadow flickered over the canopy, and once or twice Jacob caught a glimpse past the trees all the way to the ground below.

This was a much better way to fly.

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