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I’ve been holding onto this one for a bit because I’d really like to turn it into an actual prompt and write something out for it, but the specific idea hasn’t come yet, so I’ll answer it like a normal person and just hold onto it. 😉

First, a little introduction of Bobby Loran, Jacob and Chase’s third buddy, since I’m pretty sure I have people following that have no idea who he is:

Bobby is such a tool about things, at best. He has this old notion of “bigger = in charge”. He feels like he has to act more tough and arrogant in order to be the “leader” of the group. In reality, their group doesn’t really have a leader and he’s just a dork for nothing.

It does make him quick to assume that anyone tiny (say, a little leaf-winged sprite) is automatically less. Until someone (say,  his gigantic friend) punches some sense into him. He can be taught how to correct his mindset, but someone’s gotta be direct with him.

Now, if he were to be smol …

Dude would panic. He’d be so scared of what the bigger person might do, partially because he assumes they might be like him. It’s great to make those self-realizations about yourself, but right in that moment certainly wouldn’t feel good for him. ^^;  It doesn’t help that if it were Bowman, the sprite would probably tease him a lot, even without hurting him.

If he was little around his friends, he’d sulk so much. Like the most sulking they’d ever seen out of him, all condensed into one teeny body. Once he got over the shock, he’d become even more bossy than usual in order to try to save face for panicking.

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