Doors in Wellwood

Phoenix: How are doors shaped in the Wellwood?
Neon: Doors in Wellwood are just kinda uneven archways
Neon: No corners, after all
Phoenix: Height, width? Do you have to fold up your wings to go in?
taters169: Do they have coverings for privacy?
Phoenix: Do people ever fly through them, and if so, do they get in trouble for it?
Phoenix: Curtains, yes, good question, do they have those?
taters169: Some kind of door flap lol
Phoenix: Leaves?
Phoenix: And what about windows? What do those look like? Do they look like pushed-out knots, perchance?
catpixels: but they definitely need to have some sort of system for when the storms and winter cold hits at the very least
Neon: Doors- the only door on a home that they bother sealing is the entrance(s). They usually just have a piece of bark fixed to it, but they can also stick leaves in there for extra insulation. They wax leaves for this purpose.
Windows- they are also unevenly shaped, and can indeed be in place of a knot in the wood. They keep the waxed leaves to shade or seal these if they need to (sometimes bowman does it to filter light so he can sleep in, the lazy butt)
Warmth- they Pray warmth into the living wood itself, and it helps them a lot. Winter time is cuddle time for wood sprites, and they seal up what they need to in order to keep warmth in

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