Metallurgy in Wellwood

TorchMLP: Where do sprites get their metal, and how do they smelt it?
Neon: A lot of the metal the sprites have was found a while ago, as they don’t often go looking, but even a little crumb of ore is a decent amount for them when they do find it. Metallurgy is a bit rare, though, since it requires so much heat and wood sprites are wary of fire. Someone really skilled at that particular Prayer can pray enough heat into living wood, but they’re more likely to just use coals, very carefully, and outside the village main. Buckets of water on hand.
TorchMLP: I’m curious if metallurgy is rare have they figured out how to temper their metal and create pig iron or steel at all? Maybe iron is rare in their area?
Phoenix: They were very impressed by Sam’s silver knife.
Neon: They don’t really have much concept for alloys, no xD metal is metal, and there’s no one who really knows why one sword might happen to be sturdier than another
Neon: Can’t commune with ore like they can with trees. Metal is a mystery ~~~

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