10 Facts about Oscar

( 10 Facts about my Characters )

Oscar came second for this mostly because I had to decide which kinds of facts I wanted to go with. The little guy has become a lot more developed than I ever originally intended! Here’s to hoping that many of these little tidbits are of interest~

  1. Oscar never thought to find out his last name from his mom before she disappeared, and afterwards he never claimed one for himself. He’s just Oscar.
  2. He knows a little bit of Spanish courtesy of several of the maids in his motel home speaking it.
  3. He used to wait at the entrances to rooms when his mother would go looking for supplies, and wait for her to bring stuff back. He was often like a little duckling with her.
  4. Though he’s terrified of humans, there are a few he’s known all his life just from watching from the walls.
  5. He’s grown up lonely, and often mutters to himself when it’s safe to make some noise as a self-comforting technique.
  6. His birthday is March 7th.
  7. Since he lives in Breckenridge, CO, ski season is a huge source of stress for him.
  8. He knows how to set off mouse traps so they don’t catch anything, and often leaves the bait. It serves to confuse the humans and they don’t set as many traps that way.
  9. He has raised several generations of the mice in the Knight’s Inn motel. They learn his scent not long after birth and he’s practically an honorary mouse himself.
  10. His commitment to his routine is another form of self-comfort in a world that tends to be scary for him. His chores (especially sewing) calm him down more than any other task.

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