Dating Jacob

All some great points! Jacob’s a real sweetheart.


  • Jacob is the most chill and polite, and would be ideal for the more casual types of dates, just hanging out and playing video games or watching a movie.
  • He loves the outdoors, so hiking and camping would also come up a lot. Prepare to go on many walks!
  • He is an excellent and attentive listener. Tell him about your day!


  • He’s very ace and pretty much aromantic as well, and thus wouldn’t actually be down with dating. He’d be your friend though!
  • In his attempts to stay calm through everything, it would be easy for him to seem like he’s just not caring about an issue when really he’s just trying to keep a rational head about it.
  • Sarcasm immediately makes him think things aren’t serious, so using it in an argument with him will make him assume nothing’s wrong.

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