Chase In Lilliput: Trust your Giant

( 100 GT Themes )


It’s been a while since I did anything for tiny Chase and his castaway giant Jacob. Since this prompt didn’t have a name with it, I opted to go with those dorks. Enjoy!

The sheer cliff is unflinching, and no amount of howling wind or pounding rain could so much as sway it. The view above to the goal at its peak causes nearly as much vertigo as the view below, a drop with no end. In one direction waits a challenge, and in the other waits certain peril.

The only things between Chase and that fall are his determination, and the handy climbing rope he’s claimed as his own.

Both hands grip the thick material with whitened knuckles and he swings slightly in a breeze, his heart pounding. There is a smirk on his face, and he seems to revel in the danger. He carefully climbs with one hand over the other, then pauses to let another sway die down. It is dangerous, but he has a goal in mind and he will meet it, no matter the cost.

All of a sudden, out of the depths of the cliff itself, echoes a thunderous noise–

“Dude. You’re gonna fall if you keep messing around,” Jacob scolded from up above. Chase turned his face upwards and found the chill giant watching him with a raised eyebrow. His hoodie string didn’t stop swaying, and Chase kept his desperate cling.

Not that it mattered. Jacob’s hand waited safely below, just in case he slipped.

Chase snickered. “Not like it matters, if I do fall you’ll just catch me. I’ve got a safety net!” he announced. As he spoke, he kicked out a leg against the broad chest in front of him to set the string in a gentle sway again.

Jacob rolled his eyes. Ever since he’d washed up in Lilliput, he’d been dealing with shenanigans like this from Chase. He had more patience than most of Chase’s fellow Lilliputians. “I dunno, dude, you keep swinging around like that and I might miss.”

Before Chase could come up with another retort, the hand below him rushed up. Giant fingertips, thicker than some tree trunks, pinched around his middle in a gentle but secure grip. Chase tried to hang onto the hoodie string, but Jacob easily dragged him away from his chest and soon it was out of his reach.

He only dangled from Jacob’s fingers for a second before the hand tilted and let him fall to its palm. As Chase sat up, the hand rose higher, so that by the time he turned his fake-annoyed look on the giant, they were eye level with one another.

It was still a weird feeling, to look into the eyes of a giant from said giant’s hand, but Chase would always stick by what he said when he first dragged Jacob over to the city. He was pretty much a big marshmallow, and wouldn’t hurt a fly (if he could even see them).

“I almost made it to the top!” Chase complained, gesturing towards where the hoodie string disappeared into Jacob’s hood itself, a perfect lead to his shoulder.

Jacob snickered and shook his head. “Dude. You weren’t even halfway up.”

“That’s like, nothing, though.”

Jacob’s smirk remained. Then, the hand under Chase lurched until it was right next to a shoulder broader than life-size. Chase paused, and then scooted onto it carefully. His hands found folds of hoodie fabric almost of their own accord and held on tight. “What the hell?”

“That was your goal, wasn’t it?” Jacob rumbled. He turned his head, but he could only meet Chase’s gaze out of the corner of his eye.

Chase blinked up at him, and then scoffed. “Yeah, you jerk. If anyone asks, we’re telling them I climbed up here myself.”

The shoulder tensed and bounced once as Jacob snickered again, but the giant did his best not to let the action shake his tiny passenger. “Alright. Whatever you say.”

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