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Thanks! 😀  It was my birthday indeed, I had a birthday on a Monday ( Bummer, I know ).

Sticking with the wood sprites, they don’t tend to have big parties or anything, but they do mark the passing of a year more or less. It’s kind of loose – they keep track of what season they were born in. Bowman Leafwing, for example, is a winter birth, while Rischa Songbird is a spring birth. So, when winter rolls around Bowman ages up one year and gets all the congratulations. His aunt might make him something nice if he’s been keeping out of trouble (or at least trying).

For general celebrations involving more of the community, they’ll tend to gather in the clearing within their clearing (a circular clearing, it is their literal fairy ring). They’ll have singing and drums and dancing, usually, and just have fun out there until it’s time to get some rest. Festivals like this tend to happen more spontaneously; they don’t do the same one every year at the same time, but rather when something noteworthy happens, they have a party and then the next day someone has to ink the story in the Archives.

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