OCs as Monsters

In the spirit of lateness, you mean? ;>.>  It took me a long time to figure this one out.

Bowman Leafwing: If Bowman wasn’t a wood sprite, he’d probably be a sylph of some kind. A spirit of the wind, always flying around (and causing trouble sometimes).

Jacob Andris: If Jacob was some kind of supernatural creature, I’d probably lean toward some kind of nice nature troll. He’s chill and likes being outside (but he wouldn’t be into that kidnapping business, he just wants to hang out).

Chase Lisong: Chase was the only one that came naturally to me for whatever reason, so I have to include him. He’d be a pooka, causing tricks and basically being the Cheshire cat at every opportunity.

Oscar: If Oscar was a supernatural creature, I’d imagine him as one of those cobbler elves, the kind that sneaks in at night to finish your latest sewing project and would very much like for you to leave a treat out for him in return.

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