NaNoWriMo Day 10

Progress for Imperfect Storm

Today’s Word Count: ???

Total Word Count: ???

Another day where I started late and I’m not actually done yet. I just wanted to make a post because I already got to the part I want to excerpt.


Eral was sprawled out over his claimed bed, looking as comfortable as ever. Elias debated with himself, and then decided to lean closer. He doubted he’d get many chances to stare and note any details without Eral griping up his own storm about it.

His clothes looked finer than doll’s clothes, worn out but sturdy. Fairy make, then. His weapons, lying next to him, Elias had already seen in action. His armor, simple extra padding over his arms, legs and chest, wasn’t made of leaves like he’d originally thought. Leaflike patterns were stamped into what looked like green leather, though Elias could hardly guess what creature had provided the hide. There was a spot on the front of the chest plate that looked like it had once held an emblem inlaid into it, or something like that. There were clumsy stitches near one of the shoulder straps where it had been repaired.

For all Elias knew, this shabby armor had been made well before he was born. It awakened more questions in him, but he’d met enough broody types to know when his questions would be dodged.

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