Contest Entry: Pumpkin



Ok so not so much a Halloween costume as it is a straight up disguise for @neonthebright‘s best hotel-dwelling borrower, Oscar.

Top 3 Things I Know About Oscar

1. Scared of being seen/caught by Humans so tends to avoid being out in the open

2. Was once enamored by the Breckenridge Hotel’s holiday decorations when he was young

3. Good with crafts and stuff

So I imagine this was a long-worked on project once the idea got into his head. Dark mesh (either the fabric or actual chicken wire/fabric combo) for the face so he can breathe, be out of sight, and still able to see his surroundings; handles inside the plastic decoration so he can move around from place to place; top cut so he can stick his head or arms out; and a hole in the bottom both for maneuvering and a quick escape route in case he needs to bolt (not many would think to pick the whole thing up carefully, would probably grab from the top and BAM Oscar is still on the ground and half way to safety before they realize it).

Don’t ask me how he holds all the candy he just does LOOK OKAY

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