Halloween Costume Contest 2017 Results

Alright, this was super fun and I was so happy every time I got an entry! I’m so glad it went over well with everyone.

Then the deadline hit and I realized I’d have to pick the winners. Omg. ;w;  It was such a task, but I am pleased with the results, so here they are.

In third place, we have:

@not-your-everyday-smol, with



I adore this costume. We all had a lot of similar thoughts for Oscar, who is pretty much an honorary mouse himself. N.Y.E.S. had a take on the mousie costume with an emphasis on found materials and Oscar’s own talent for sewing. I’m sure he will be hard pressed to put this one away after the candy hunt is over, since it looks so warm and cozy.

In Second place:

@therealbrigeedarocks / @thebrigeedadraws, with Nobody Suspects the Gourd!

Dang, guys. This one was heckin’ creative, was it not? The thought of Oscar putting something like this together so he can sneak candy and also effectively flee with said candy is super entertaining, and I love it. He is a clever little guy. I like how Bee called back to a not-often-seen side of Oscar: that he loves holiday decorations and stuff like that. Why not just be one for halloween? Gets him some candy!

And in First Place:

@torchmlp with An Oz In Shining Armor

“Um, what’s Hollowbean?” Oscar said, speaking up.

“It’s Halloween not hollow bean!” Sam said, his excitement coming back. “And I forgot you didn’t know what it is! It’s basically the best holiday ever! You get to dress up in cool costumes and go to people’s houses and they give you free candy!”

“Candy sounds nice, but I don’t think I would like going to people’s houses.” It did sound like fun, but Oscar wasn’t too keen on any other humans seeing him. He didn’t think other people would be as nice as Dean.

Sam nodded. “Yeah, I guess it isn’t safe for us, but we could still dress up!”

“And I can always get us some candy from the gas station,” Dean said.

“That could be fun. But what would I dress up as?”

There is one knight in the Knight’s Inn motel, and that knight is timid little Oscar. Torch wrote a very cute and very in-character piece detailing Oscar donning some aluminum-foil armor, complete with a helmet that doesn’t quite fit (maybe he’ll grow into it someday). I really love the image it put in my head of the tiniest little guy holding up his toothpick sword, ready to slay dragons and rescue princesses and candy!

Once again, thank you so much to all entrants! I had a blast seeing what would come out of this one, and not a single one was disappointing. They were all adorable and I love them forever. ❤

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be in touch soon, or you can feel free to message me with your preferred mode of communication regarding prizes and we can work things out from there. 🙂

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