NaNoWriMo Day 11

Progress for Imperfect Storm

Today’s Word Count: 2676

Total Word Count: 22,777

I got a lot done today! I wanted to make up for doing less yesterday, and I also got to introduce a new character, so that was really fun! This story is so much fun to explore and kind of let it take me wherever!


Eral rolled his eyes. “What’s got you all excited?”

Elias gestured to the mace on Joleth’s belt, now partially obscured by her long coat. “Eral, she’s a badass. We’re gonna be crossing Genfierz. Not that I don’t think we could probably take whatever came our way, but more help would never be a bad thing. Also we can help her get more food than waiting around for someone to wander by and stuff.”

Eral slapped his forehead with his palm. “You should really lead with the helping-someone part,” he said. “It sounds better.”

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