NaNoWriMo Day 13

Progress for Imperfect Storm

Today’s Word Count: 1715

Total Word Count: 26,728

I was not feeling well most of this evening, so I decided to call it quits sooner than I might have otherwise. I still got a lot done, and I’m happy with it. Hoping I set a good foundation for tomorrow’s work! 😀


The pub was hard to miss. Eral paused to take in its inviting facade, something of a universal appearance in this region.

Except for the balcony and doors above the regular doors meant for pixies to use.

Elias was the one to bound forward. “Well, let’s see what they got, eh? Look, pixie doors!” He pointed up at the balcony that Eral had noticed and grinned.

Eral couldn’t even be exasperated for Elias’ exuberance this time. While Joleth and Elias used their doors, Eral couldn’t help alighting on the balcony and using a door sized for him. His hand lingered on the handle. It wasn’t a dollhouse door. It wasn’t some convincing fake miniature on cheap hinges. It was a real door. He hadn’t seen anything like it outside of the faelands or fae-only communities.

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