NaNoWriMo Day 22

Progress for Imperfect Storm

I actually am not done with my words for the night yet, but it’s getting late so I wanted to go ahead and make a post. I have a bit of a headache to power through but I think I can keep myself on track at least a little. I am pretty jazzed that I got to one of my favorite OCs of mine at last in the story. 🙂


“New friends, or maybe old ones, you already know my sweet boy. He likes to frolic in tricks, tricks, tricks,” she said. Then, with a thoughtful hum and a glance at the open air next to Joleth, she nodded. “Oh, I’m afraid I’ve been seeing things all out of order.”

As her gaze drifted to Elias again, almost as if asking him for help, he held up a hand and shook his head. “No worries,” he told her. Then, he finally gestured to her and faced Eral and Joleth both. “Allow me to introduce Cira Dawn, oracle of the temple, the Vaysighted, she who dances with the sun.”

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