NaNoWriMo Day 24

Progress for Imperfect Storm

Today’s Word Count: 2437

Total Word Count: 48,548

Woo!  I’m getting close to the goal, but I think after that I’m still going to keep on going with this story. I’m getting close to a fun scene, but in the meantime I had a rare opportunity to let Eral and Joleth get to talk to each other without Elias around to be, well, Elias at them.


“Hey, don’t stereotype,” Eral warned. “You met a buncha pixies back in that little town. We’ve all got different personalities. Just because we all know how to have a good time doesn’t mean anything.”

Joleth snickered. “I wish it was that simple for me,” she admitted. “Harmless fun and lots of laughter, that’s what everyone expects out of pixies. With me you’d think they expect me to pull some hellbeast out of my pocket.”

“Funny, people always expect that some dumb shit should shove me into a pocket. Or a box, or under a vase. Maybe I’ve been the hellbeast all along,” Eral mused.

Joleth couldn’t hold in a laugh. “You may be annoying sometimes, pixie, but I wouldn’t go that far.”

“Thanks, I’m flattered, really.”

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