NaNoWriMo Day 26

I didn’t write as much as I’ve been writing today, but it was a very lazy day (and I already won anyway so this is all just extra anyway). I’m betting tomorrow I’ll have a little fun with it.


“You’d think this place would fall apart without me,” Elias lamented. “I have been sitting at a desk for literal hours just dealing with whatever someone shoved in front of me. It’s no way to live, I tell you.”

Eral snickered and flitted closer to the worn out demigod. “You’re basically in charge here, right? Why not just tell them to stuff it?”

Elias snorted and lifted up a hand for Eral to land on the palm. “Honestly, I’m kinda concerned that if I did that, they’d just drag me to my desk anyway. They’re so used to kid-me doing everything they asked. I used to think it was cool, running things, but damn if it isn’t all busy work.”

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