NaNoWriMo Day 29

Man, I was so restless while doing my writing today. I managed to make what I wanted to, at least. I think I’m definitely nearing a transition point where I can call it a wrap for the first “act” of the story and maybe take a break from it for a while, let it stew.


“I have a friend,” she noted aloud. “Her name is many many sounds long. Elias calls her Gladys. Have you met Gladys, Guinivere Bloodgaze, Sea Tyrant, the white wave’s Lady?”

Guinivere narrowed her eyes, but didn’t deign to answer.

Cira held up her hands as if she was staring through a wall of glass and grinned. “I think she takes after her mother, shall we see?”

A screeching roar, loud enough to shake the air around them, ripped across the sky. All eyes turned upward as a long shape darted out of the clouds above and plummeted towards them.

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