NaNoWriMo Final Day

It’s the end! What a crazy month it has been, but I made it and then some. I told myself that if I could, I wanted to try for 60k words instead of just 50k. I’m so proud that I made it! I even found myself a good stopping point to let the story sit for a little while, and let me plan what’s going to happen next.


“Fiiiine,” Elias relented. “I’ll just sneak in myself. But you’re gonna have to grab your own breakfast, too. Every thief for themselves.”

“I’m not a thief,” Eral countered. “I’m an opportunist! And sometimes opportunity strongly suggests I steal stuff. Haven’t had to steal on the road all the way here and now you’re telling me to steal shit in your own house.

“That makes it more fun,” Elias countered. “And also it means there are like zero consequences, which is great all by itself. Tell me that’s not true, I dare you.”

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