3rd Prize: Saving Sammy

For @not-your-everyday-smol , here we have a story about a giant Dean Winchester rescuing his little brother from some mean government types. Inspired by the Deanzilla fanfiction. Hope you enjoy it!

The building was hard to find, he’d admit. It took Dean a while, but tracking was one lesson he’d kept from Bobby taking them out game hunting as kids.

Some of the same techniques worked now that Dean was giant.

The enigmatic facility couldn’t have picked a better spot for someone his size to sneak up to it. To him, standing 120 feet tall, the block of cement and tiny windows was a present waiting to be opened. They’d built it in the middle of a huge pine forest, with no civilian towns for miles.

This was where they had Sam. He recognized their trucks.

It had happened too fast. Sam had left Dean’s secluded hiding spot, ready for more research on why he’d become a giant. He kept warning Dean not to be seen, only for the damn government to show up and capture him instead.

They’d called his baby brother a psychic freak. No one could call him that (except maybe Dean)! All it took was one moment of hesitation, and Dean watched his brother disappear into the back of a truck.

After weeks of tracking them, he’d found them. He could have stayed hidden for years at least, fending for himself. Sam probably would have wanted him to.

No way he could wait out there on his own. There wouldn’t be a point without Sammy. He was gonna get that kid back.

He’d pulled him out of the fire once. He’d do it again and again.

When night fell, he wasted no more time. Sam had been in there long enough. Dean lunged forward on powerful legs much taller than the building itself. Shouts of alarm greeted him, but he didn’t wait to see where the guards were. He hadn’t used his massive strength to his advantage yet. It was time.

With one motion, he ripped away two thirds of the back wall. Another swing took part of another wall and a section of the roof, landing safely away from the building. The guards shot at him, but he hardly felt it. While he scanned the rooms he’d revealed, most of the remaining staff ran the other way.

He worried he might have hurt Sam in his initial violent strike, but then he found him. Sitting up on a cot in a cell that was half broken open, Sam was there.

No time. Dean reached into the broken building and coiled his hand around his little brother as carefully as he could. With his hand held close to his chest where Sam might actually hear his giant heart thumping madly, Dean turned and made a mad dash back into the trees.

“D-Dean!” Sam yelled, his voice breaking as Dean’s long, heavy strides jostled him. “How–”

“I interrogated a passing guard to know which side of the building you’d be on,” Dean told him, glancing down with his familiar smirk. “Clever, right?”

“Where is he now?” Sam called, while he squirmed into a more comfortable angle in Dean’s almost-encompassing grasp.

“Left him in a tree,” Dean said. There were shouts farther and farther behind him. “You’re the important one here. You okay?”

Sam was quiet for a long moment. Dean’s heart faltered at the thought of what they might have put him through there.

Finally, after they’d put miles between them and that now-broken facility, Sam answered. “Yeah. I’m okay now.”

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