Character Ask

Oscar: 15, 18 or 20

( From this post )

More questions for poor Oscar. I’m gonna go ahead and do all three, since they haven’t already been asked for him. ^^

15. Who do they hate the most?

In most AUs, Oscar is actually too isolated from people to hate someone. In the sad AU, however, he hates Thomas, the first human that caught him and launched him into all the trials that followed.

18. Is there a certain flavor that disgusts them?

He doesn’t get enough food in general, so he decided early on that he liked food, no matter what it was. If it’s edible and fills up his tiny little tummy, he likes it. That said, he probably wouldn’t like flavors like sauerkraut. He’d still eat it if it was all he had, but the flavor would earn a few grimaces.

20. Do they consider themselves unloveable?

He hasn’t decided this about himself, but sometimes he does wonder. He’s lived so much of his life by himself. He did once or twice worry that his mother left because she didn’t want to come back to him, but he knows that isn’t true. That said, the boy is extremely touch starved and if he was given a hug (by someone who saw him as an equal, at least), he would all but melt into that contact.

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