Jacob’s Predicament


Jacob clenched his jaw before giving in and asking “Look, can you, uh, get me out of here? I can’t climb out myself.”

Sam turned his wary gaze to the source of the grumbling voice, and the sight of Jacob in a crib derailed his growing concerns. He walked over with a slowly growing smirk. Dean might come off as the snarky brother, but the truth was that they were evenly matched. Sam, having more patience than Dean, found it easier to hold back most days.

Today, with his head scrambled and his sleep interrupted, he had no intention of following through with that.

He put a hand on the edge of the crib. “I dunno. You think I outta kid-proof the room first? Someone might be looking out for you, putting you away like this.”

Jacob’s expression flattened and he pursed his lips. He almost couldn’t fault Sam for finding it funny. The joke was just lying there in wait. Staring up at the smirk that had so casually moved in on Sam’s face, Jacob had to roll his eyes even as his cheeks turned pink.

Winchester sass. Figures. Definitely brothers.

Read more here!

Art by @mogadeer!



I can’t believe I’ve been called out like this, in broad daylight, with everyone watching

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