OC Fact Swap

(For the oc fact swap thing) My character Birch was born without a lower right leg, and he and his dad spent the first half of his life designing and testing borrower sized prosthetics for him. – @lord-of-the-pastries

( OC Fact Swap )

That’s so precious! ;O; I do love the entire borrower concept of improvised tools out of bigger objects, so I bet it’s fun to come up with uses for household objects as mobility aids!

My character Eral the Arbor Pixie was injured by a hawk in one of his old adventures, with a few bad gashes in his back that prevented him from using his wings for quite a while. He ended up befriending a raven that became a sort of service animal for him, flying him places where he wanted to go and keeping him safe while he healed up.

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