OC Fact Swap

birvan: My OC Lheas was born without wings, so one day he decided to go live in a human dwelling rather than constantly struggling to keep up. The fact is he managed to bully the humans with his constant “pranks” to the point they now leave him offerings of food in an attempt to convince him to stop causing mass destruction in the kitchen every night

( OC Fact Swap )

XD  Little guys causing trouble for the big guys is a great thing. Always leads to fun scenarios.

This might only half count, but my wraith sprites tend to live in human dwellings because they are flightless. They have one advantage, though, and that is the ability to steal memories. Short term memories are easily snatched away, so even if they get spotted, they can quickly make someone forget. Some of the more daring ones could even walk out in front of a human, steal a cookie, and leave and the human won’t remember a thing.

Poor humans, in these cases.

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