Letters from Camp

Three letters from camp in a row! I’m off to a decent start this month. I hope to get a bit more buffer sometime, perhaps this weekend, but I’ve been tired these first few days of April. Got some more plot things moving today, at least.

Word Count: 2244 / 20000


Shane smirked faintly. “If you can find out the answer to that one, I’ll let you into the library for free for the rest of your pixie life.”

And then he vanished.

“Come on, really?!” Eral groused. He flitted over the table and the chair so recently occupied to make sure there really was no one there. Aside from the faint scent of spring flowers, nothing remained of the flowerfae except the frustration he’d gifted to Eral without prompting.

He scoffed. “I’m not anyone’s messenger pixie, y’know!” he said to open air. “That was one time and I’m not making it a habit!”

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