Letters from Camp

Originally I wasn’t going to do a letters post because I assumed I wouldn’t get more than 200 words written today haaaa. I’ve had a migraine for two days now and concentration comes and goes. As it turns out, I did a whole daily session in easy time, so I can actually show some work! Yay!

Word Count: 2983 / 20000


Cira sighed, and then focused not exactly on Elias’ eyes, but very close. “Yes, of course, sweet one,” she said.

Elias smiled faintly. “Thanks, mom.”

In her fashion, she smiled indulgently and gave him the beginning of their conversation at last. “I think you’ll be setting out in the days to come. Long strings to follow, Elias. Very long strings. I hope you’ll stay safe. Good luck must follow such an adventure.”

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