Letters from Camp

Today went much better than yesterday, motivation wise! I had fun thinking about Elias getting into his formal wear for once lol. He knows he looks good.

Word Count: 3827 / 20000


He turned his head side to side as he examined himself in his mirror. With a minor effort of will, his hair shortened into an easier to style length, which he then ran a hand through to push it back casually.

“Damn, I make looking good look good!” he announced, whirling to his door to step out into the common area.

Eral was there already, looking bored but also appropriately dressed for a fancy occasion. His eyebrows went up. “You actually have nice clothes that you’ll tolerate?” he said in mock disbelief. “I’m surprised you haven’t even tried to tug the collar off. It’s been, what, thirty whole seconds since you had to be presentable?”

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