Letters from Camp

I had a lot of fun with this one today. I actually made myself stop in the middle of a fun scene so tomorrow I’ll have a place to get some early momentum going and keep it up. Things are coming along, and our odd trio of heroes is ready to find more trouble.

Word Count: 10696 / 20000


“An inn, a trade post, and … what is that, a stable?” Elias counted off, noting the few buildings built under the looming watch of the library. Many of them had smaller huts nearby, presumably for their caretakers to rest every night. “Horseshoes on every door. That’s folksy.”

Eral scoffed. “Iron horseshoes. Blackberry wreaths everywhere, too. Do I need to point out the rowan branches for you as well? They’re fairy wards, dumbass.”

Elias raised his eyebrows. “Fair enough, Eral. Will you … be able to get into the inn and stuff?”

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