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I imagine Bobby wouldn’t believe the ease Chase has around giant Jacob until he sees it for himself. That or his family is the owner of the lands Jacob ends up working on to raise the said cattle (probably not a viable, long term food source for Jacob, but definitely for a job) and first meetings end up being… entertaining

I’d actually planned on Jacob living somewhere on Chase’s family’s land (because for this story they have some, for plot convenience and such, and it’s not like they aren’t well-off in canon anyway). But Bobby would definitely have a lot of misgivings about an honest-to-God giant living nearby, at first because it’d just make him nervous but then he’d just be confused. Chase is small and frail; how the heck can he keep that giant in check so well?!

The first meeting, though, is definitely something I want to write out when I get the time. It’d be just impossible for Bobby to stay away for too long, nerves or not. He’d probably mouth off about something and get himself poked. The teasing would be endless.

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