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The government hires Jacob every now and then to do heavy duty work (digging building foundations, divert rivers, carrying lumber, etc), but some lilliputian works aren’t happy about it because he’s “stealing jobs” or getting a unfair high wage (actually the opposite is more likely to happen, since he’s saving so much time the less scrupulous foremen would only paying him a fraction of the equivalent salaries. And he doesn’t notice because he’s an outsider. Chase to the rescue!)

This is precisely how I figured Jacob would earn his keep from time to time. The city could hire him to help with construction. If they didn’t want to leave other workers high and dry, they could have him transport materials much faster than they’d be able to truck them in, and everybody wins a little. Jacob doesn’t really need money as much as the little guys do; he just needs to earn enough to get more cattle for his herd, and stuff like that. Plus whatever accommodations they manage to make for him will take a lot of materials, so he would feel bad if he didn’t somehow pay them back for it.

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