Letters from Camp

So close to my goal. Oh my lord I am so pumped to have actually come this far! I wasn’t sure I would make it with camp this time, what with all my other writing commitments. The story has been so much fun, too, and today I wrote an exchange that I love way too much not to share.

Word Count: 18142 / 20000


“A mermaid walking around on the land, casting spells? There must be something about that,” Joleth added.

Elias sighed distractedly as he thought. “She hops,” he said.

Eral frowned. “Wait. She hops?”

Elias nodded. “Well, yeah. You saw her tail. Not very good for a two-step.”

Eral huffed. “Well, yeah,” he echoed in irritation. “I saw it. But she had legs before your mom wiped the spell away!”

“Illusions,” Elias said. “And it’s a shame they aren’t real. They look nice.”

Joleth made a noise somewhere between a thoughtful hum and a grunt of agreement. “You have some kind of history with her, don’t you?”

Elias flashed a grin that was entirely too unashamed, all things considered.

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