Letters from Camp

It’s the final letter from camp! I made my goal (technically I made it last night, but I was tired so no update then), and I think I got through some important plot stuff in all this. There were some times where I kind of hedged on what order I wanted to do things next, but I got there in the end and that’s what counts! To celebrate, I’m going to give my favorite excerpt out of this whole run (I saved it for the end).

Final Word Count: 20067 / 20000


“Gods, Eral, you’re okay, right?” Elias said, more quietly. He leaned down and tilted his head, the better to scan Eral’s few inches. Even as he loomed overhead, Eral appreciated his open and honest concern. “That guy looked ready to–”

“Please don’t finish that thought,” Eral interrupted, raising an eyebrow. “Trust me, I don’t need the visual.”

Elias winced, but a moment later he seemed to compose himself. He reached out and, before Eral could balk away, gently pinched his thumb and first finger on Eral’s cheeks. “Got it, bud,” he said with a growing grin. “No talk of smushing.”

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