Chase In Lilliput – Moving In

We’re back at last! I’ve missed these guys a lot, and it was a lot of fun to start thinking of them again. Many thanks to those who sent in asks in my last storm of asks! I got a bunch of fun new ideas from them that I look forward to writing out. For now, a bit about where Jacob’s going to make his home in Lilliput!

( Read time approx. 5 mins )

( Chase In Lilliput Tag )

Jacob eyed the plot of land that Chase had brought him to see (which really meant that Chase had pointed the way while Jacob carried him, but he wasn’t about to argue the point). It was still all a part of the family’s land, he’d said, that they rarely used for pasture. The grass that grew on it was interspersed with rocks and patches of arid dirt. The fence stopped before it, with one rusty gate that’d fall apart if Jacob nudged it.

“You’re sure I can use this?” he asked. The property fences around it didn’t look too well-maintained. They clearly didn’t use it much, but an acre was a lot. To them, anyway.

Chase, standing on his palm, patted his thumb. “Don’t worry, big guy. You can still hang out closer, we’ll just set this spot up for you to sleep.”

Jacob sighed. As a giant in the land of Lilliput, his breaths were enormous gusts of wind that easily conveyed his exasperation. He nudged Chase in the side with his thumb. “Not what I meant, dude. You sure your family won’t mind me using so much space?”

Chase twisted around so he could send Jacob an incredulous look. “Dude. It’s not like you can take up less space,” he pointed out. “You need the room.”

Jacob hummed thoughtfully, still unconvinced. “Okay, well, if someone comes at me about lost farmland or something, I’m putting you in front of them.”

To illustrate his point, Jacob used his other hand to pluck Chase up around the middle, safe but with his legs dangling. The little guy quickly gripped the thumb and finger pinched around his waist as Jacob lowered him to the ground, just on the other side of the fence. Once his feet were on solid ground, Chase stumbled and turned around to send him an offended look.

“Dude!” he complained. “What’s the big idea?”

Jacob raised his eyebrows innocently. Now that he could, he planted both hands on the ground and lowered himself down, closer to Chase’ level. It was impossible not to loom, but he could at least ease the sensation of being too damn big. “What? It’s not my fault you’re really really portable.”

“Really port … ugh, really?” Chase shot back. “I thought we went over this already, dude. I’m not portable, you’re just good transportation. On account of being the giant here.”

Jacob chuckled. “Well, I’m glad you think I’m doing a good job,” he mused, glancing over the stretch of land he’d been brought to. “My reward is my very own room, huh?”

Chase grinned. “I know it’ll need a little work, but we can getcha set up here no problem! You’ll have your own comfy place to sleep.”

Jacob smiled back. He believed Chase, for all his dramatics. The little guy didn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. “Works for me. I probably shouldn’t sleep on the beach too much, or someone might land on me.”

Chase rolled his eyes to the heavens and heaved a long-suffering sigh. “Are you gonna let me live that down?”

Jacob raised his eyebrows. “Would you?”

Chase scoffed, but he was smiling again. “Guess not.”

Jacob snickered an tilted his head to accept the win. Then, he reached carefully out to brush his fingertips against the fence. It would keep the livestock out of his little field with little trouble (if they weren’t already scared of him), but it wouldn’t be much against a determined Lilliputian. “Think people from town are gonna come visit?”

Chase shrugged and hoisted himself up onto the fence. He had to kick his legs, and he moved awkwardly, clearly not used to the motion. Jacob was patient as the little guy sat himself on top of the fence with a huff. “Probably … I mean. You’re a giant. That’s kinda hard not to be curious about, y’know?”

“I guess,” Jacob answered. “But really, I want to avoid having people hanging around too close if I’m asleep. No matter what you say, you’re small to me. Sneaking up on me isn’t a great idea.”

Chase’s mouth twisted into a thoughtful frown. “I getcha,” he said. Then, he beckoned for Jacob to lower one of his hands. “We can think about what kind of ground rules we need while we check the whole area out. C’mon, let’s go decide where we should start!”

Jacob sighed faintly and turned a hand over next to the fence. Chase hopped on without hesitation, which helped Jacob’s misgivings. “Alright. Let’s see whatcha got for me.”

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