Muunfel: A Melting Pot

Muunfel has developed over time as the place my unused or underdeveloped story concepts can find a home. Several OCs that I don’t write about directly anymore have been incorporated into the Muunfel project, either as notable historical figures or as members of the pantheon. Almost every D&D (or D&D-like) game I’ve played has resulted in retiring the character to Muunfel.

In order for it to be a mix of a few different fantasy styles and settings, I had to keep expanding the map outward. This is why there are eight nations on the main continent alone. Each one also has a different atmosphere to it, with varying levels of magic and steampunk and other fantasy tropes.

It is a fantasy kitchen sink, with my own twist on things.

Some Muunfel stories might feel more Tolkien-esque. Others will definitely mimic the crazy D&D campaigns they came from.

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