History of Muunfel

( Creation Myth )

The history of Muunfel is divided into distinct Ages, which are usually defined by the word of Vayla, the goddess of time. There is some fluctuation in what scholars will call the definitive year that one age gives way to the next, but they can usually agree on an approximate length of time. There is no set length of time for an Age to last – they encompass the important events of the time.

The Ages as named by Vayla are as follows

  • Age before Ages – All time before the First Union
  • Age of Creation – Began with the First Union and ended with the Third Union, and is the time in which new beings came into existence and the world was falling into place. This is when Muunfel itself would have formed.
  • Age of Separation – In which the various peoples of the world kept to themselves, learning about the world with little interaction with others. This is the beginning of recorded history, though the disparate groups all have their own take on things.
  • Age of Expansion – The races began to expand. Muunfel was occupied primarily by Tam, Vay, and Dar. Elf- and Faekind were scattered. This age ended with the first arrival of Mankind on Muunfel’s shores.
  • Age of Tipped Scales – Mankind established a foothold in Muunfel, and the Tam and Vay empires waned.
  • Age of Borders – More retreat of the Tam and Vay, and the Faekind claimed their vast forests.
  • Age of Ascension – Began with the ascension of Luna and marks the first time the pantheon welcomed new additions to its ranks. Ended with the birth of Kidri, the goddess of heroes.
  • Age of Equilibrium – Ascension slowed down and the affairs of mortals took front stage as the new gods (and their followers) rose to power.
  • The Current Age in Muunfel has been going on for more than a century, but has yet to be named by Vayla.

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