Plants of Muunfel: Fiorebell

The plants of Muunfel are many and varied, though I haven’t invented many of my own for it yet. Instead I’m going to use this theme to give some details about the Steward of Plants/Saint of Growth, Fiorebell.

Fiorebell was a daughter of the earth god and the titan of earth. Her domain was over growth and plants, and she tended to them all the best she could. She had the ability to heal and nurture growth in even the most barren lands, and her soft-spoken kindness made her a favorite among gods and mortals alike.

The reason she’s written of in past tense is because she was murdered, which came as a shock to even the gods. Up until her death, no one realized that stewards (children of gods and titans) even could die.

It wasn’t too long after she had met Trace, the god of mind, and the two had fallen in love. Humans, wary of the gods and their like walking the earth, discovered Trace in their town and attacked him. Despite being one of the first gods, he was surprised and overpowered in his physical form through the use of Korvasin grey metal. The humans were very close to dealing enough wounds to destroy his corporeal form for a long time, when Fiorebell intervened.

Though her command over large, thorned vines was quick and effortless, they overpowered her as well with sheer zeal. Trace was helpless as the humans burned Fiorebell at the stake, one of the few beings he has ever been known to truly care for. In the end, he cursed the humans and their descendants, and Fiorebell’s death caused the land all around the town to die away, and still nothing can grow there. It’s been dubbed Fiorebell’s Blight.

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