Technology in Muunfel

Muunfel has a somewhat cautious relationship with technology and innovation. The reasoning isn’t because of resources or any specific catasrophe. In some cases, it simply can’t get a foothold to replace magical processes that work just as well. In many others, though, there is a lot of superstition around machines, as well as poorly defined ideas of what counts as a “machine.”

The reason for this is Sarin. Formerly a god of unnatural death and murder, Sarin was one of the first gods. However, during the age when mortals were ascending to godhood of their own, Sarin was cleverly trapped in his corporeal form by a very powerful mage. She enabled another mortal to ascend with a ritual that usurped Sarin’s place in the pantheon and left him with a temporary void.

They had trapped him in a machine, and it was there that he found his new purpose. The Usurped God lives in machines, making them work (or not work) and fueling their innovation where possible. Some people are terrified of meeting his wrath if they fiddle too much with machines, though he has admitted his defeat more or less.

Even so, in many of the workshops of Genfierz, where invention and industry thrive, a shrine to Sarin is a must if they don’t want a mysterious accident to befall someone while they build.

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