Magic in Muunfel

I did a post on this last year, which covered most of the basics.

This year I can go into the gods that govern magic: Gem and Baota.

Baota is the god of focusing and shaping magic, and is the patron of all who use magic without their own inherent connection to it. Enchanted items are his domain, and his followers have an easier time learning spells and techniques under his tutelage. He is able to redirect and ground out magic from beings that have their own inner magic, and that includes other gods, so very few tend to go up against him or try to slight him in some way.

When Baota takes a physical form, his skin is covered in geometric patterns that glow and pulse as energy moves over him. His markings provided some inspiration to the machinists of Genfierz, and enabled them to create some of the earliest working automatons.

Gem is Baota’s opposite. Where he is calm and focused, she is impulsive and quick to leap into an emotion. She is the god of freeflowing magic, and is the patron of beings that are connected to it. Magical locales are her domain and her followers emphasize adaptability over all else. She can tear spells apart with ease, and reshape magic into something she deems more natural for it. She and Baota have abilities that more or less cancel each other out, and this annoys her to no end.

When Gem manifests, she tends to avoid a fully humanoid form sometimes with extra limbs or the wrong shape of body. It’s rarely the same whenever she appears on earth, but one common feature is her hair. It is long and tied into many braids that are in constant motion around her head. Looking closely at the ends of them (if one is able to approach) reveals that the ends fade out of visibility; they are woven into the flow of magic itself, always moving with it.

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