Healthcare in Muunfel

(Forgot to do this yesterday, so there will be two posts today 😛 )

There’s not a ton to say on this one that won’t come across as super generic. There are doctors who specialize in patching people up, giving treatment, that sort of thing. They sometimes work with herbalists to help treat the symptoms of sicknesses. These types are generally easier to afford, since they probably won’t be performing any miracles, but if there’s one nearby they can do good work to help people.

Then, there are the magic users. There are varied levels of talent with healing, ranging from only doing what the body could naturally do but faster, to straight up miracles that repair damaged tissue and bone and wipe away diseases that can’t normally be wiped out. The catch is that their skills are often more costly, if they do this for a living, and the ones that don’t charge tend to wander all over. It’s hit or miss on being able to find someone in time, try though they do to be there for anyone who needs them.

As a side note, Biim, the god of body, is also the god of healing. Once, while he was manifested in a corporeal body, he sustained a curse that was so heavy that it canceled out his healing, and all healing in the world ceased for a short time. The only thing that fixed it is a counter curse that he must always carry with him as a burden.

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