Sky in Muunfel

(Forgot to do this yesterday. Oops)

The sky in Muunfel is blue like in the real world, but sometimes it has a slightly greener/turquoise look in some regions. Other than that, the color doesn’t set itself apart much.

The night sky, however, does have four moons in it. Three are roughly the same size, and the fourth, a colloquially-known Little Brother moon, is only about a third of the size. Its orbit tends to follow one of the others, more or less, though it has changed which moon it was following once or twice. This change doesn’t happen often, but when it does it stirs up many astrologists to try and calculate the new tide patterns. Calculating the tides with a single moon is difficult enough, but culminating four of them can take months, maybe years, for one person considering the many factors they must consider.

Crux, the god of the moons and the night sky, is said to use the light of the moons and their positioning to weave very strong enchantments. 

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