Still Standing Still

Lucky number 13, another installment of the Sad Oscar AU. Oscar did manage to survive his last misadventure, but what next?

Sad Oscar AU )

Oscar gripped the bars to either side with all the strength his hands could offer. His knuckles were even paler than his usual and his arms shook from the weight of even his small body. They weren’t used to doing so much work to hold him up, even with the parallel rails made just for him.

He didn’t have many options. It was that, or crawl everywhere for the rest of his life.

Not that he had many places to go. Since Charlotte’s last mistake, Oscar was off-limits. Something to do with “wasted investments” kept him safe from her careless handling. He couldn’t help but think about what he’d heard after his latest injury. If this one dies …

This one.

The glass front of his doll cage remained sealed unless they were giving him food or cleaning out his washroom. He had become an ornament more than a pet.

As a lance of pain raced outward from the middle of his back, Oscar told himself it wasn’t the worst. He could have been like the last occupant of the cage.

If this one dies …

His arms wobbled and he sank to the floor between his parallel bars. His legs didn’t respond at all. When he looked up, he swallowed a sob of lonely frustration.

He had so far to go to reach the other side.

The End?

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