Drinks Too Many

It’s time for an Elias & Eral short! Featuring a side of Elias we don’t get to see very often.

Reading time: <5 minutes

“If I seem dangerous, d’you get scared?” Elias’ voice was much quieter than usual, and not as articulate. Eral looked to him with a sharp frown, finding the halfgod staring dejectedly at his drink. The guy could hold his liquor pretty damn well, but from the looks of things it had finally caught up to him.

“What the hell kinda question is that?” Eral dismissed, taking another swig of the mead in his thimble. Proportionally, he could outdrink almost anyone. He knew what spiral Elias was on. “I’m cutting you off.”

Hopefully, he could deter the unusually mopey Elias Dawn from sinking any deeper.

A huge glass, especially heavy compared to Eral’s lean, six-inch-tall frame, slammed into the table. The impact alone sent a startled jolt through Eral’s body, and mead slopped from his thimble all over his front. While he sputtered, a hand rushed at him. Elias snatched him up from his seat on a shot glass, trapping his lower body in a secure fist.

“I’m not … fucking around here, Eral,” Elias slurred, holding his captive audience up at eye level. He ignored Eral’s surprised squirming in his grasp. “There’s … I know what I got’s powerful, ‘kay? I see you avoid me when I go … when I gotta tap my powers. Are ya or aren’t ya scared of me?”

Eral braced his hands on Elias’ knuckles. His squirms to free himself stopped and he narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t used to being on this side of one of these conversations.

“Am I … what the hell, Elias!” he blurted, less irritably than he normally would. “That’s not a fair godsdamn question and you know it. I go around all the time as the smallest person in a room and you’re gonna take it personally when I get out of the way of your storm powers? Fuck that.

Elias, for once, didn’t have a clever retort. He was left staring at Eral in amazement, the kind only a drunk bastard can manage. Eral used it to his advantage.

“I talk all kinds of shit, sure, but that beats acting all timid. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna just ignore that even good people are dangerous to me. It’s no one’s fault pixies are small.”

Elias frowned, his brow pinching thoughtfully. Eral had an up close view as the words sank in. For once, he waited patiently as the stupid-drunk halfgod worked out what he wanted to say.

It seemed like he needed this conversation.

Eral sighed when it looked like Elias was at a loss. “Your powers are pretty formidable. I’ve seen enough of the divine to know what they can do. What you’re asking me is just like asking if I’d be scared of a blacksmith’s hammer. Is he gonna smack me with it? If I’m a fucking idiot and stand on the anvil, yeah.”

That, at last, drew a half-smirk out of Elias’ doubtful expression. “Aww, gee,” he murmured. “Comparing me to a craftsman, it’s almost like a compliment from you, buddy.” He lifted his other hand to clumsily pat a finger on Eral’s head.

Even as he begrudgingly accepted the contact, Eral raised an eyebrow. “You wanna keep that arm? Put me down and get me a refill, ass.”


Anyway I thought I posted this way sooner. Just a little drabble I went with, some rare angsty!Elias. Even he has his melancholy days. Especially when he gets self-conscious about his lineage. Luckily he has a no-nonsense pixie around to help him!

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