NaNoWriMo 2018 Declaration


Happy Halloween!

Or, as the end of October, Nanowrimo Eve. I will be participating in novel writing month this year!

Like other years, I’ll try to do a post (almost) every day to update on the word count and give a little excerpt from what I accomplished. I’m excited for this year’s project, and hope to get a lot of the plot hashed out as I go (I don’t often do stuff like this without an endpoint in mind).

Here’s a teaser of the shenanigans to come:


Seth went on vacation. He didn’t enjoy it. He enjoyed it even less when the cruise ship was accosted by some unidentified Thing out in the middle of the ocean. Enjoyment reached absolute zero when the rocking of the boat sent him hurtling into the water, miles from any shore.

With the boat leaving him behind and no one aware of him trying so desperately to follow, Seth’s vacation became a real nightmare when the Thing in the water returned for him.


The ship was huge. He couldn’t believe how fast it was compared to him.

It was going to disappear and he was going to die out here.

Arms and legs burning and lungs begging for mercy, Seth swam a few meters more. He grimaced as it felt like he was actually moving backwards. It was like a current pulling directly against him.

That was when he noticed it; something glittering and enormous was moving beneath the water’s surface.

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