NaNoWriMo Day 4

Got a lot done today! I feel pretty good about how the plot is progressing in this one. Sometimes nudging a story into its main action can be tough, but here we are, making Seth super scared. This poor guy.

Word Count: 8140


He reached out one shaky hand. It wasn’t exactly like glass; it would almost be pliant if he pushed too hard on it, but he didn’t want to risk breaking his pocket of breathable air.

The glowing thing moved back, and then tapped against that barrier, and Seth drew his hand back. Turning around, he saw more of that glow extending away into the murky depths. His heart seized up as he followed that shape to a much larger source of light, a glow that didn’t travel much farther than a meter around its source. The thing holding his bubble had a face.

It looked humanoid, mostly. There were two eyes, the somewhat-flat shape of a nose, and a mouth, stretched wide and revealing teeth as long as Seth’s arm. The eyes produced no glow, instead glittering black and huge. There were no irises or pupils that Seth could discern, and yet he felt that focus on him. On the bubble around him, a bubble that he realized was held in this thing’s monstrous hand. It was like it held an apple and he was the worm inside.

What happens to worms in apples, he asked himself, the question unwanted but appearing nonetheless.

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