NaNoWriMo Day 5

I started writing today with an ice pack on my head because of an awful headache. However! It soon subsided and some good writing happened nonetheless! Things are Not getting any easier for Seth, however.

Word Count: 10,162


One side of the room had no walls at all, and no light dancing off of it. Seth stopped breathing entirely for a few seconds as he parsed what he was seeing.

It was a view window, a big one, and on the other side was the face of the giant fish thing that had taken him.

Scrambling to his feet was a show of the last strength Seth had. He shot up, only to stumble backwards. The fish person watched him, unblinking and fascinated, until he bumped against the wall.

Whirling around, Seth found that the wall was pocked with tiny pores all along its uneven surface. When he reached out to touch it, it wasn’t hard like stone; it reminded him of moss, but he couldn’t recall if moss would grow in a … whatever this was.

“Reverse fish tank,” he muttered, shuffling back from the wall again.

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