NaNoWriMo Day 6

Oh man. Writing today was kind of a pain. I dunno if I used up all my brain power to vote or what, but the words came slowly. But at least they did come eventually! I kept up with my goal.

Word Count: 12,219


Once it had deposited its apparent gift, it leaned in close to the view window to watch him.

Seth stared at it for a long time, caught in confusion while his heart was still convinced he was going to be grabbed. The giant stared back, its tendrils fidgeting. It glanced pointedly at the thing, then back at Seth, and clicked. Its glow pulsed a few times.

Seth’s brow furrowed and he finally tore his gaze from the giant to stare at the apparent gift it had brought him. Heart pounding, he leaned towards it as if it might rear up and chomp his head off. The rectangle of metal was curved in a partial circle along the shorter sides of it, and it was only a handful of centimeters shorter than Seth’s whole body. A brassy metal braced the edges and met as a cross in the middle, with a dented sphere raised in the center. Seth brushed a hand over it curiously.

The fish giant had brought him a shield.

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